WWII Veterans

The Second World War was fought by an entire generation of men from more than 60 nations. Americans, Canadians, Russian, British, Chinese, South Africans and many others fought the Japanese, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Slovaks and more, all were embroiled in a war which killed over 50 millions soldiers and civilians alike, making this conflict the bloodiest in Human history. The 1921/22-generation is today often known as a sacrificed generation, which fought for a various array of beliefs all intertwined in self-sacrifice and honor. In Germany alone lost 5.5 million soldiers killed or missing in battle in a six-year period, Japan lost over 2.5 million men in combat, while the United States suffered 409 thousand men killed in action. However Russia holds the morbid record, with more than 10 million killed between 1941 and 1945. These astounding numbers show the brutality in which this war was fought in the air, on land and in the seas. As a journalist, always in search for a certain historical truth within today’s framework, the stories of each of these men interviewed and photographed is a treasure of human perseverance. The project contains no pretense to judge or criticize the actions or decisions taken by these men, but it is rather a recollection of a period drastically different from ours. Their testimony is relevant in a historical sense, which should not be lost in time, as the next generations to come can and should learn from this generation. The photography project will deal with as many nationalities as possible, for the simple reason that many nations were involved in the fighting. So far I have photographed Germans, Russians, Armenians, Karabastis, French, Belgium, Poles, Americans, Nepalese, Croatian, Czechs, Latvians, Japanese Americans, Pilipino, Hungarians and more… which includes 221 men from 61 different nationalities. Each man is interviewed on his experience through out the war. The goal of this project is to reunite as many veterans as possible from most nationalities involved in the Second World War.


Adolphe Straka

Andre Heiderscheid

Antonio Rufo

Bjorn Ostring

Ernst Gottstein

Fernand Kaisergruber

Gilbert Gilles

Giovanni Doretta

Herbert Drossler

Jack Ukkonen

Jean Matthieu

Karl Ulber

Mircea Drobescu.

Petrit Kupi.

Stepan Brajdic

Tarmo Rae

Thomas Hermann

Ulo Tamre

Abdelkder Guendouzi

Ante Vukovich

Anton Chroscielewski

Daniel Bokobza

Demosthenes Voskakis

Eugeniusz Witt

Husein Okanovic

Israel Barsuk

Jean Louis Leboeuf

Josef Krulyak

Lahcen Majid

Lavik Blindheim

Marius Bellier

Mervyn Susser

Milosh Marinovic

Emile Du Bois

Mrav Hakobyan

Pamela Tessier Bendall

Rolf Marcus Motzfeldt Kolling

Tako Ivanov Krustev

Thomas Louis Gilzean

Tong Q. Eng

Yervand Vardanyan

Zena Stein Susser